RPG Education Platform Status Update

We are still going through the recovery process for the RPG Education platform. Here is a status update for those students already in the system, and those waiting to become new students.

February 2018, we began having some technical glitches with the hosting provider, Godaddy, on their shared hosting. We were unable to update the platform software (Moodle), due to godaddy's MySQL instance being too old, and they did not have any upgrade path on their shared hosting.

March 2018, the paltform began having data and functioning issues due to being able to perform the updates and bug fixes on the godaddy shared hosting.

April 2018, Godaddy's shared hosting began having lsphp processes consuming all RAM resources (memory leaks). We made repeated calls to Godaddy, escalating through several support tiers. They were stumped about the issue. We created a workaround cronjob to periodically kill the runaway lsphp processes to try to limp along. We froze accepting new students while we tried to figure out what to do about these issues.

May 2018. Frustrated with Godaddy's shared hosting, and their inability to fix anything, they did suggest we try their Virtual Private Server (and they gave us a significant discount), since that would let us have complete control of the software rather than the limitations of the shared hosting where we couldn't control updates. Normally a VPS would be about 7 time more expensive, but we were able to get it prepaid for a couple of years for less per month than the shared hosting. We have since been working on setting up that server to try to take over for all of our websites (more than 200 domain, and about 40 different community sites).

June 2018, the entire RPG education directory was deleted on the shared hosting. Due to Godaddy admin error. They were unable to restore. Fortunately we do have our own backups. Another reason to use the VPS that we manage, rather than them.

July 2018, we began setting up test servers to try to restore data, and begin upgrading the old moodle content to the latest version. This has to be done in stages, from version to version, and cannot be jumped ahead without corruption.

August 17, 2018, we have a fresh instance of the older Moodle installed, and are trying to merge the content from the old Godaddy shared hosting Moodle instance, and import it into this new install. This is still at a home lab. We won't setup on the VPS until after we feel the data is safely upgraded, etc.

More updates as they become available. Thank you for your patience.

RPG.Education Administrator
RPG.Education Administrator says:
Nov 07, 2018 11:09 PM

FYI, those that were using the http://rpg.education/ online learning platform. I finally managed to get the backups working on the dev server last weekend. Today I finished upgrading the installation on the dev server. I am now setting up a new instance on the new production server. This will likely take another day or three to get up and running. If all goes well, by this weekend we should have the site working again for testing by existing students. I will hold off on taking on any new students until we're sure it is working for everyone already on it first. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this prolonged platform outage. Also, I will be resetting every paid student's timer to zero, so that you will have your full time to use it based on when it is back online, rather than all of the intervening down time. I will let you know when it is up and running for testing.